Virtual Event Moon

Virtual Event Moon


This is a link to purchase tickets for a virtual paint event with Painted Cosmos.


Painters will be in charge of their own supplies for this event


Ticket includes a 1.5-2 hour long painting instruction through Zoom.


Supplies you'll need:


Painting Surface: We recommend a 12×16 canvas but you can really paint at any size or on any surface you’d prefer.

Acrylic Paint: White, Black, Red and Blue. Feel free to include more colors if you'd like!

Paint Brushes: A larger brush 3/4″ to 1″ wide, a medium round brush to paint details and a small brush to paint thin lines. 

Palette: Paper plates work great

Water Cup: Plastic cup or one that you don’t mind getting covered in paint

Paper Towels or old rag for cleaning the brushes


Optional Supplies: Chalk or Pencil, Apron, Easel & Table Cloth or Newspaper to cover your workspace.